Parish Hill 2015 Dolcetto

Hand picked into 20 kg crates at the end of March 2015 with a Be of 12.5 and pH of 3.35.

Crushed and destemmed, cold soaked in a cool room with no additions, later warmed and allowed to ferment with wild vineyard yeast, plunging and pump overs. A commercial MLF is added near the end of alcoholic fermentation and the wine left on skins for a week then pressed into stainless steel tanks to complete Malo Lactic fermentation.  The wine is bottled after six months and several rackings with minimal sulphur additions. The wine was 13.5 Alc/Vol and pH 3.58 at bottling


A variety from Piedmont in North West Italy. The name means little sweet one but the wine isn’t sweet. Soft spicy fine tannins, deep dark cherry fruit and a light floral pepper nose. Good every day wine with food or with friends.


This wine is available for wholesale through Appointed Wines only, or at retail pricing via Parish Hill Wines.



About Parish Hill Wines


Established in 1998 the vineyard produces highly acclaimed Australian Wines from Italian Vines at Uraidla in the Piccadilly Valley in the Adelaide Hills South Australia.

In 2001 a visit from Dr Alberto Antonini, consultant wine maker and viticulturalist, confirmed the suitability of the site for the varieties that were planned to be planted. Since then many Italian varieties have been grown and as they mature the wines have reflected the unique terroir. 

Parish Hill Wines produces varieties which include Vermentino, Prosecco, Moscato-Giallo, Dolcetto, Lambrusco Maestri, Sangiovese and Brachetto.


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